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Apr. 30th, 2012

So I thought I would post some thing since I joined. It's suppose to be Razor Eddie, but I'm not all that sure it's good. 

PDF: The Bride Wore Black Leather

I'm sure the book came out a while ago and while some of you may have bought or borrowed the latest (is it last?) book, some can't.

That's why, I managed to acquire the PDF. file for the book. If there's anyone who can't use adobe reader or for whatever reason, just pm/comment me and I'll try to send you it in another format. Maybe wordpad or mircosoft?


Fanfic: Never Take Gifts from Elves

Title: Never Take Gifts from Elves
Wordcount: 499
Pairing: Suzie/John. A tiny bit of Puck/John.
Summary: In which, elves see things differently than humans, and now John is pregnant. ...Wait, what?

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Fic: Mortifying Talk

Title: Mortifying Talk
Pairing: DeadBoy/JohnTaylor Implied Sex
Rated: T+
Words: 1,230
Summary: John realizes Cathy is a LOT more sneaky than he thought. And way too curious for her own good.

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Title: Sleeping is Almost Non-Existence in the Nightside
Pairing: DeadBoy/John, Julien/John, and a hint of Eddie/John
Rated: PJ-13
Summary: It’s easier to stop an apocalypse than get a good night sleep. Especially when you live in the Nightside. Usually because of your friends rather than your enemies.

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Fanart: Introduction and Setting

Introducing Razor Eddie and Adrien Saint! Also includes a scene from StrangeFellows!

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...Is there anyone there?

Nightside Series Books (More)

I currently have all the Nightside Books (in the US) except "Agents of Light and Darkness" and "The Good, the bad, and the uncanny".

Here's all of them together: http://www.mediafire.com/?v6hiopgvr0dzy
If it's not working, tell me.

If you only want a specific book, you can either search through the folder or comment and tell me which book you want.

Edit: I now, finally have all the current PDFs. If you haven't read the above two already, go check it out. :D
Title: Something’s Wrong with This Picture…
Pairing: Suzie Shooter/John Taylor
Rated: PJ-13 Fluff, Humor
Summary: John helps Suzie clean her part of the house. Cathy can’t quite tell what’s wrong.

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Fic: Hanging on by the Edge of Control

Title: Hanging on by the Edge of Control
Pairing: Dead Boy/John Taylor
Rated: PJ-13
Summary: John’s still not used to his werewolf senses. Dead Boy takes advantage.

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Art: Nightside_Cementary

Here's another Dead Boy and John Taylor pic. :D
Based on "Nightingale's Lament", when John helps Dead Boy on his latest job.

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Nightside Characters

Here's the Chibi Version of the Nightside Characters:

John Taylor, Suzie Shooter, and Dead Boy.

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More Pics

Here's a bunch of Nightside sketches. Some with Spoilers. :D

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Guess who are the new characters/ :D

Criticims? I'll post more pics if there's more fics. :)

A Hard Day's Knight

I don't know if anyone read the latest Nightside Book of 2011 yet, "A Hard Day's Knight", but just in case you do want to read it and can't get the book, I have the PDF version of it.


It's really fun to read. :D It's about the legend of King Aruthur and there's a surprise at the end, too which leads up to the next book.

Fic: A Broken Leg Brings Everyone Together

Title: A Broken Leg Brings Everyone Together
Pairing: Julien Advent/John Taylor
Rated: K+
Summary: It’s just a regular day where there are flying pigs and broken bones. Except not everyday is a day where I’m taken care of by the Legendary Victorian Adventurer himself. And Suzie is acting sort of strange…

AN: This is my first Nightside fic and it wasn't beta-ed so don't expect much...

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