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Here are some prompts to inspire some of the writers in this community:

Suzie set them up.

After "Nightingale's Lament" Deadboy never felt so alive after taking in some of John's life energies. John offers since he kinda feels sorry for Deadboy and he's slightly curious. The start of an relation that begin from an addiction.

Control and Disciple. I think that's all I need to say.

No one's ribs should look like that. John cooks for Eddie.

Picking out houses and planting landmines and other traps in their backyard and frontyard.

...Anyone's free to add more prompts! Would love it it someone actually took them up though. It could be written as a drabble or a full length fill! :D

...I admit it, I like John to be on the bottom of all the relationships since he usually relies on his friends protecting him. Not that I want to see him lose control no.... :)
Here's some pics I did for the Nightside Series. Most of them are bad quality since I used a camera instead of a scanner, but now my scanner's fixed so lets hope the pictures I draw are going to get better. :D

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Critizisms? :D

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Hi! I'm a fan of the Nightside series and although I missed a few books cause they were unaviable, I read up to "A Hard Day's Knight".

I drew a few Nightside pics although they're related to the books, they might not look as you expected them to since I don't really have a lot of accurate information.

I'm a big Suzie/Taylor fan, but I also like yaoi fics. :D

...Is this comm still alive though?

09 icon quotes!

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Shadows Fall - Mulitfandom RP

Game info under cut, I hope this is allowed here since it's Simon R. Green and we could really use some Nightside characters.

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So I just joined this awesome new prompt community, 6impearfics , which gives out six-prompt lists based on the scents created at the Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs. I'm working with the set Falling In, and I'll be posting my fics here as I write them.

Title: Sick in the Head
Fandom: Nightside
Character/Pairing: hinting at John Taylor/Dead Boy
Prompt List: Falling In
Prompt: Opium Poppy [Opium teaches one thing, which is that aside from physical suffering, there is nothing real. A bitter, soft, fragile flower.]
Rating: T
Word Count: 1975
Author's Notes: Told from John's perspective. Set sometime between Nightingale's Lament and Hex and the City.
Summary: His hair was mussed and his eyes were glazed.

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Title: Meeting for the First Time
Author: Wingwyrm
Rating: PG (light swearing)
Summary: John Taylor takes a case that requires that he go to Chicago. He's looking for a man named Harry Dresden.
Disclaimer: I own neither John or Harry.

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intro poooost.

Hi comm. :]

I don't know if this is mandatory or not, but whatever, intro posts are fun

Name's Jess, and I fell in love with the Nightside about half a year ago. Being a really bad fan, I read the books out of order when I first started the series, so as of today, I've finished books 1-4, plus Hell to Pay, and am working my way through Paths Not Taken. I have Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth waiting for me on my bookshelf, and also, because I'm weak, the hardcover edition of The Unnatural Inquirer, seeing as I couldn't wait to get it in softcover and keep my Nightside shelf looking nice and tidy.

it's so prettyyy.

I have a total smutty brain for slash and non; I will pretty much ship anything you can give me a reason to. Everyone should just have more sexytimes in general, really. (I'm probably one of, like, five Nightside fanfic-writers in the world! We need more.)

Anyway, my fandom-related self in a nutshell. Hope to have fun, peeps.


I have made seven quick icons from the cover of the books for anyone who'd like them. I also made copies with some words on them.

Remember that all I ask is credit; other then that, have at 'er :)

Though I wouldn't mind it if you'd tell me which one/s you really like ;)
Also, I can change them or add words if you'd like that.

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