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Apr. 30th, 2012

So I thought I would post some thing since I joined. It's suppose to be Razor Eddie, but I'm not all that sure it's good. 

PDF: The Bride Wore Black Leather

I'm sure the book came out a while ago and while some of you may have bought or borrowed the latest (is it last?) book, some can't.

That's why, I managed to acquire the PDF. file for the book. If there's anyone who can't use adobe reader or for whatever reason, just pm/comment me and I'll try to send you it in another format. Maybe wordpad or mircosoft?


Fanfic: Never Take Gifts from Elves

Title: Never Take Gifts from Elves
Wordcount: 499
Pairing: Suzie/John. A tiny bit of Puck/John.
Summary: In which, elves see things differently than humans, and now John is pregnant. ...Wait, what?

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Fic: Mortifying Talk

Title: Mortifying Talk
Pairing: DeadBoy/JohnTaylor Implied Sex
Rated: T+
Words: 1,230
Summary: John realizes Cathy is a LOT more sneaky than he thought. And way too curious for her own good.

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Title: Sleeping is Almost Non-Existence in the Nightside
Pairing: DeadBoy/John, Julien/John, and a hint of Eddie/John
Rated: PJ-13
Summary: It’s easier to stop an apocalypse than get a good night sleep. Especially when you live in the Nightside. Usually because of your friends rather than your enemies.

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Fanart: Introduction and Setting

Introducing Razor Eddie and Adrien Saint! Also includes a scene from StrangeFellows!

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...Is there anyone there?

Nightside Series Books (More)

I currently have all the Nightside Books (in the US) except "Agents of Light and Darkness" and "The Good, the bad, and the uncanny".

Here's all of them together: http://www.mediafire.com/?v6hiopgvr0dzy
If it's not working, tell me.

If you only want a specific book, you can either search through the folder or comment and tell me which book you want.

Edit: I now, finally have all the current PDFs. If you haven't read the above two already, go check it out. :D
Title: Something’s Wrong with This Picture…
Pairing: Suzie Shooter/John Taylor
Rated: PJ-13 Fluff, Humor
Summary: John helps Suzie clean her part of the house. Cathy can’t quite tell what’s wrong.

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Fic: Hanging on by the Edge of Control

Title: Hanging on by the Edge of Control
Pairing: Dead Boy/John Taylor
Rated: PJ-13
Summary: John’s still not used to his werewolf senses. Dead Boy takes advantage.

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Art: Nightside_Cementary

Here's another Dead Boy and John Taylor pic. :D
Based on "Nightingale's Lament", when John helps Dead Boy on his latest job.

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Nightside Characters

Here's the Chibi Version of the Nightside Characters:

John Taylor, Suzie Shooter, and Dead Boy.

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More Pics

Here's a bunch of Nightside sketches. Some with Spoilers. :D

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Guess who are the new characters/ :D

Criticims? I'll post more pics if there's more fics. :)

A Hard Day's Knight

I don't know if anyone read the latest Nightside Book of 2011 yet, "A Hard Day's Knight", but just in case you do want to read it and can't get the book, I have the PDF version of it.


It's really fun to read. :D It's about the legend of King Aruthur and there's a surprise at the end, too which leads up to the next book.

Fic: A Broken Leg Brings Everyone Together

Title: A Broken Leg Brings Everyone Together
Pairing: Julien Advent/John Taylor
Rated: K+
Summary: It’s just a regular day where there are flying pigs and broken bones. Except not everyday is a day where I’m taken care of by the Legendary Victorian Adventurer himself. And Suzie is acting sort of strange…

AN: This is my first Nightside fic and it wasn't beta-ed so don't expect much...

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Review? (Edit:Revised)


Here are some prompts to inspire some of the writers in this community:

Suzie set them up.

After "Nightingale's Lament" Deadboy never felt so alive after taking in some of John's life energies. John offers since he kinda feels sorry for Deadboy and he's slightly curious. The start of an relation that begin from an addiction.

Control and Disciple. I think that's all I need to say.

No one's ribs should look like that. John cooks for Eddie.

Picking out houses and planting landmines and other traps in their backyard and frontyard.

...Anyone's free to add more prompts! Would love it it someone actually took them up though. It could be written as a drabble or a full length fill! :D

...I admit it, I like John to be on the bottom of all the relationships since he usually relies on his friends protecting him. Not that I want to see him lose control no.... :)